Kode™ Technology

Biosurface innovation has never been easier

Kode™ Technology is a multi-functional nanotechnology paint that can modify virtually any biological surface in 30 minutes and any non-biological surface in seconds.
What was previously hard and often impossible to achieve is now quick and easy with Kode™ Technology.
It is the easiest, fastest, most versatile and controllable method for temporary modification of any surface.
It can both advance your R&D program and enable next generation products.
Kode™ has the broadest application of any technology for modifying biosurfaces.
No special equipment or processes are required with Kode™ Technology as modification happens spontaneously on contact without affecting vitality or functionality.

Rapid biosurface modification offers significant opportunities for innovation and product improvement in virtually every area of the life sciences. We are looking for new product licensees of this technology and would welcome the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate how Kode can bring a competitive advantage to your company and key products.

Kode™ constructs for R&D-use can be obtained from either Kode Biotech Materials or Sigma Aldrich.
Simplest and most rapid biosurface engineering technology available today - just add a Kode FSL solution to cells/viruses/bacteria/particles/surface and it is ready to use in 1 hour
variable design of the Kode™ Construct allows for optimization of function
Off-the-shelf Kode™ R&D constructs are currently available from Kode Biotech Materials and Sigma-Aldrich. Custom designed construct service is also available (upon request)
Established and validated technology - published peer-reviewed journals articles and several commercial products in the market
Robust and replicable process - same methodology for all constructs and same results every time
Simply change FSL concentrations to create an extensive ranges of quantitative variants, including calibration curves
Build upon your existing platforms by adding additional features and functions
Allows for increased sensitivity and specificity, optimization of reactivity and biomarker presentation
Same construct can be used on various biological and synthetic surfaces (e.g. cells, viruses, paper, microspheres) expanding experimental options
No additional handling precautions are required for modified cells/viruses
Koding does not impair normal biological functions (other than to introduce a new function/effect) - non-genetic, non-covalent, gentle process involving no solvents, detergents or harsh chemicals
Facilitates attachment of non-binding molecules to surfaces or alternatively can enable attachment of molecules to normally non-binding surfaces
Suitable for use in all biological systems including in vivo
Broadest application range of any competing technology, ranging from modification of almost any biological or synthetic surface with almost any bioactive
All natural biological surfaces (e.g. cells, viruses, microbes and organisms) exhibit a large range of complex biological molecules with functions ranging from structural integrity and basic biological processes to key modulators of chemical communications and other functions such as protection, adhesion, infectivity, apoptosis, etc. The ability to precisely control, manipulate and mimic biological surfaces, and alter their properties is potentially one of the most important areas in biotechnology. Modified natural and/or synthetic biosurfaces have applications in diagnostics, biotherapeutics, tissue engineering, transplantation, immunology, oncology, drug targeting and release, biosensors, bioelectronics and research & development. Kode™ functional-spacer-lipid (FSL) constructs offer unparalleled flexibility for mimicking biosurface components and attaching novel function(s) to intact biological and synthetic surfaces alike.