The Companies

Kode Biotech Limited ("Parent") and subsidiaries
Kode Biotech Limited is a private New Zealand company established in 1996 to commercialise and license Kode™ Technology.
Kode Biotech Ltd is the licensor of existing, and developer of new Kode™ Technology.

Vision: Change the surface of biotechnology

Mission: Ignite a revolution with Kode™ surface modification nanotechnology by enabling our partners to enhance existing and create next generation products with a technology to shape life.

Kode Biotech is the holder and parent of a number of subsidiary companies that licenses Kode™ Technology for various sectors and uses.

These subsidiaries include:
Kode Biotech Materials - is an authorized supplier of Kode™ FSL constructs and operates under quality standards.
Kode Diagnostics - has a focus on FSL Kode™ Constructs in the diagnostic sector.
Kode Implant Coatings - commercializing a family of FSL Kode™ Constructs in the area of implant coatings.
Kode Wound care - commercializing a family of FSL Kode™ Constructs in the area of wound care management.
Kode Veterinary - a focus on animal diagnostics and therapeutics.
All the companies above, although separate legal entities, are currently represented by this website

Kode USA - a commerical arm based in Houston, Texas, USA at JLABS@TMC

GlycoNZ - is a distribution agent for Lectinity (Synthaur LLC) products, active in glycobiology and glycotechnology. The product catologue contains over 500 glycoconjugates, which are the result of many years of experience acquired in the academic world. These can be ordered from the product list or custom synthesis is available

Kode™ Technology has already been licensed to several large companies, and an example of a product incorporating Kode™ Technology that is already in the market is Securacell™ and a cancer therapy in human clinical trials with BiolineRx

Kode Biotech Ltd and its subsidiaries are independent companies, situated on the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Wellesley Street campus and have forged a strong symbiotic relationship with AUT's Centre for Kode Technology Innovation (KTI).


Stephen Henry

Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Ph.D. (Medicine), CEO Kode Biotech & its subsidiaries, Director Kode Biotech, AUT Professor of Biotech Innovation
Steve originally trained as a medical laboratory scientist and later undertook part-time university studies in science and business, resulting in Ph.D.s in New Zealand (Auckland) and Sweden (Göteborg). His doctoral and postdoctoral research involved the study of glycolipids, which are molecules with the natural ability to insert into cells. This later became the foundational concept for Kode™ Technology. Dr. Henry also holds a professorial chair in Biotech Innovation in the School of Engineering at AUT, which is synergistic with his position in Kode Biotech. He has published or presented more than 180 scientific articles and is an inventor on more than 120 patents/applications. In 1996, he formed Kode Biotech to develop "multi-functional nano-paint", Kode™ Technology. Dr. Henry was a New Zealand Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in 2008, the recipient of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Scott Medal for “work of great merit by a researcher in engineering science and technology” in 2011, the recipient of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Pickering Medal for “innovative work of national and international commercial success” in 2017, and the 2015 Supreme New Zealand Innovator for contributions to BioLineRx’s acquired anti-cancer therapy.

Nicolai Bovin

Ph.D. (Chemistry), D.Sc. (Chemistry), CSO, AUT Professor of Molecular Engineering c4KTI
Dr. Bovin received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Moscow State University and later a D.Sc. in “neoglycoconjugates” (the second foundational concept for Kode™ Technology). He is a half-time faculty member in both the Center for Kode Technology Innovation at AUT (Auckland) and the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). Dr Bovin splits his time equally between these two different locations, and fulfils the role as CSO of Kode Biotech. Dr Bovin is also a director of two affiliate companies; Semiotik LLC and Synthaur LLC (formerly Lectinity LLC). He has published greater than 500 journal articles with an H-index of 45. Dr. Bovin’s current and past research interests include Kode™ Technology, and related opportunities for Kode™ Technology including supramolecular chemistry, glycoarrays, carbohydrate/protein and carbohydrate/carbohydrate interaction, synthesis of oligosaccharides and neoglycoconjugates, structural analysis of glycoproteins, immune response to carbohydrates, xenotransplantation, natural killers, medicinal chemistry, influenza therapy, transplantation, oncodiagnostics and oncotargeting, inflammation, and atherosclerosis.

Ben Boedeker

CEO Kode Biotech USA - BD ADVISOR Kode Biotech
DVM, MD, Ph.D. (Pathology), MBA, Colonel MC-USAF(Ret), Adjunct Professor of Anesthesiology Kansas City University
Dr. Boedeker orignally trained as a veterinarian and served at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research supporting animal models for drug development research. He did a Ph.D in pathology at Georgetown School of Medicine engaging in the study of lithium as a cytoprotective agent. After completion of the Ph.D, he attended medical school at the John Burns School of Medicine where he was engaged in infectious disease study and prevention among refugee population in the Asian Pacific and development of indigenous medical training programs. After completion of medical school, Dr Boedeker completed residency training at Walter Reed Medical Center where his residency research project involving use of microencapsulated bupivacaine as a non-narcotic post-surgical pain treatment lead to a successful commercial product. After discharge from active miliatry service, Dr Boedeker performed extensive research and development in telemedicine and advanced airway product development as an academician.

Chris Trent

MBioEnt, BSc
Chris joined Kode Biotech Limited as the business development associate and has served as our Chief Operating Officer for the Kode Group of companies since July 2018. Prior to joining Kode Biotech, Chris worked in operations in Hyperbaric Medicine. He comes from a biomedical sciences background and completed a Master of Bioscience Enterprise combining the world of business and science. Chris is also currently completing a PhD in Disruptive Innovation Theory at AUT.

Board of Directors

David Ross

BCom, CA
David has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and is a registered Chartered Accountant. David built his early career offering specialist services in private practice and is now working mainly as a professional director. David has spread himself wide across New Zealand's business community, being involved with a range of businesses in the media, science, and technology sectors. David has been involved with Kode Biotech since 2006. David is also a trustee of the arts foundation, and provides litigation support service, in which he gives evidence as an expert witness in damages cases.

Julia Chambers

MBA, BA(Hons)
Julia is a dynamic individual with over 20 years’ experience at a senior level in the technology sector including extensive Pharma-Bio-MedTech-Digital Health industry coverage. Her passions include helping high growth technology companies and innovative businesses to thrive on the global stage and investing in the future of a diversified New Zealand economy - nurturing start-ups and the next generation of world-class entrepreneurs. She currently holds a number of board and strategic commercial advisory roles with high growth technology companies in sectors including medical devices, biotechnology, smart infrastructure and food tech. Jules is also a member of the Biotech Investment Committee for the Return on Science programme, a pre-seed investment fund that invests in the commercialization of technology innovations from publicly funded research. Her experience covers technology product development, research and development, global growth, scale-up and expansion, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, early stage/startup investments, high growth strategy, strategic partnerships, innovation strategy, corporate development, new product planning & commercialization, talent/team development, change management.

Stephen Henry

Stephen is the founder and CEO of Kode Biotech Limited and is also a Professor at the Auckland University of Technology. Stephen has a strong research and management background holding PhD's in Biochemistry (Auckland) and Medicine (Göteborg), plus other tertiary qualifications in science/laboratory medicine, education and business. He has published over 180 scientific articles, and is is an inventor on more than 120 patents/applications.

Selwyn Yorke

Ph.D. (Chemistry), Dip. Mgt., MInst.D., FNZIC, Independent Director
Selwyn gained his PhD in chemical synthesis from the University of Canterbury in 1986. After nearly 4 years working overseas in a university research laboratory, Selwyn’s early career involved working as a scientist in the Chemistry Division of the NZ Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, followed by a 6 year role as the CSO of Carina Chemical Laboratories creating new industrial chemicals and high temperature resistant polymers from gas by-products. This work followed on at Carina’s partner company, Vela Agarose Ltd to extract biopolymers from marine materials. In 1992, Selwyn joined New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Over the following 24 years, Selwyn worked in various roles, initially as the Research Manager, and after a number of years became the Market Development Manager and finally the Business Development Manager, developing new business and sales, including identifying and developing new global market opportunities. In addition to the general business development activities, Selwyn had a key focus to work with the US NIH to co-manage the developed of an in-licensed drug candidate from pre-clinical to Phase 2a clinical development before the IP was on-sold to a specialist US-based biotech company. Selwyn now has a consulting business, SCY Consulting Limited (SCYC), which offers professional services in pharma & natural product development programs and R&D assessments, as well as drug related pre-clinical and early clinical project management. He is a member of the Investment Committee of an Angel Investors group. SCYC taps into a network of experienced consultants to offer additional support to tech development programs.

Intellectual Property

Stephen Parker

BSc(Hons), Ph.D (Biochemistry)
Stephen has an Honours degree in microbiology and a doctoral degree in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge. He has teaching and research experience in molecular and cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, and analytical and organic chemistry. He has held postdoctoral research appointments with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand.
Stephen uses his information retrieval expertise to evaluate both the intellectual property and regulatory environments for a proposed product. Stephen then assists clients to develop product commercialisation strategies that minimise the time to market and risk of unnecessary expenditure.
For a proposed chemical or biological product, Stephen prepares and files applications for intellectual property protection (including the drafting of patent specifications) as well as applications for marketing approval under legislation such as the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997 and the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.